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Hi, I don't keep some product in stock. Because they are expensive. However, I still want customers to buy it. But instead showing its a buy now. I want to make it a Back order when quantity is 0. For a 2-4 weeks order time. 
Hi everyone, I have tried many solution people posted online but I couldn't find a one that work with the new Dawn8.0.  Do anyone know how can I make one with Dawn 8.0. I am listing some new product that can only be back order. Will definitely need i...
Hi, Appreciate your help, However, I cannot find any product.Liquid. Instead alots of related onePlease see the photos  
Thank you it worked now
 Hi everyone, I am running a test on my own store for check out. And It wouldn't let me ship anything or select other countries. What step have I missed? 
currently my price are not showing including or excluding GST. How can I make a word saying its excluding GST next to the price in the product page? Many Thanks!!!! 
worked perfectly now, Thank you!
Hi, passport is NZNR or NRNZ
Hi,I have posted below Bass.css but it still not working. At below, please see the photo 
Hi Richard, I could not find theme.scss in 8.0 version
 Hi everyone, I want to make the sub-menu font size smaller.  How can I do that on a Dawn 8.0?  Many Thanks
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