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For the mandatory GDPR webhook customers/redact, what data am I expected to delete from my DB? Our app collects a store's entire sales orders and store in our DB. Is this part of the "customer's" data if that customer's order is included in there? Al...
In the Shopify store admin panel, you can set Default Location. And in the UI, the default location has Default tag showing up. However, when I look at the REST API to retrieve a list of locations (https://shopify.dev/docs/api/admin-rest/2023-10/reso...
 I am trying to retrieve a list of orders using this REST API endpoint.Below is a little snippet code of what I am doing.sdk.rest.Order.all({ session, ids: orderIds.join(","), })As you can see, I am creating a comma-separated string of order IDs ...
Does anyone know what exactly Shopify means by published_at here? Does it mean when the product is added to Shopify? Or published as in product is turned on active for the first time and show to the shoppers? Like when EXACTLY is the moment a product...
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