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I'm having this same issue. Where do I go to check this at to see about the local tax thing? I've looked under taxes and duties and can't find anything. 
I'm just wondering when are the 1099 tax forms coming so I can file my taxes? Also where do I find it at? This will be my first year getting to file, which I'm pretty sure I've made enough to file. Just need to know when they are being sent out. 
So could it be because I have the Rivo pop up app installed that pop uos when a customer opens my page and they put their email in to get the 10% discount, but it still shows as all those customers subscribed to my website. I'm so confused on why my ...
So I have welcome email automations set up through the shopify email along with abandoned carts and all. My welcome emails are not going out at all except for 1 customer. When I was looking at that customer I noticed it says the online store set up c...
Hello. I have email automations set up and they are not working. It's mainly the welcome new subscribers one. I've had alot of new subscribers and the report is still saying 0 sent. Why is this? I really need someone to help me to get this working co...
Please help! So I'm trying to set up my shop on Facebook and Instagram.  For some reason on Instagram it keeps saying something went wrong. But my probk3m is when I go on my shopify click on store and go down to Facebook and Instagram click on that a...
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