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hi,  this does not change the colour of the text in the buttons. My buttons are all black. is wan them black with WHITE text. thank you
Hi im using dawn theme. some of the buttons on my page are all black. When I change the theme settings to make the text white, my menu also goes white which I do not want. In the screenshots you can see if I make the text on buttons white, my menu di...
Thank you for your reply  however, I have tried this already.  It’s only certain buttons on my page that are the wrong colour, not all of them. It’s a coding issue. Can you help with this?  Thank  you 
rPlease help. A couple of my buttons are randomly completely black. I would like them to match all my other buttons. I was told it’s something to do with the coding. I’m using Dawn theme. Thank you. 
Thanks this sounds very complicated. Is there no code that I can paste into the edit code section? 
i want to have a slideshow with images for mobile and a different set of image for desktop. Please help. I’m using the dawn theme
Can you help me pleasee 
Hi are you able to help me with this issue? 
I’d like to make my image banner on home page a lot thinner than it is. I only want this particular  banner to be thinner not all of them.I want it to be just a thin strip of possible  thank you in advance 
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