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The Support contacted me today, they confirmed that the issue is fixed now
No official update from Support yet, but as Mario said in one of the replies, it seems to be working again
Unfortunatelly nothing relevant, the support team contacted me again yesterday telling that they are gathering feedbacks from other developers and stores to better investigate the issue.
I contacted the Support, and all I've got until now is : "we will not hide from you that this will take time to investigate, thanks for your patience and understanding" 
Hi everyone, first post here and English is not my first language so please forgive me if anything is wrong. I am working on a development store and I am facing an issue with the testing of the checkout process: ever...
I'm sorry, this is a very old post but I am not finding many references to this problem.Do you have any updates on this? I am facing the same "broken checkout" issue, I am testing on a dev store as well. The weird thing is that if I test from mobile ...
Updates on this? Is the limit still at 5k? I am in a very similar situation right now
Hi @JaneCout,I had the same  "problem" and the solution from @PageFly-Richard worked fine for me, the only difference is that I had to edit the fileSnippets->social-icons.liquid Hope this helpsAndrea
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