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You are Awesome!! Worked Perfectly! i'm new to shopify and been trying to get help here and there with a few things, and this was by far the most well explained instructions. Much appreciated.
I will give it a try when I get back in tomorrow and let you know how it goes. Wow, I truly appreciate the help, thank you!
Site is not yet published.Theme is "Dawn". And thanks for any help, appreciate it
I will give it a try.In what file do I add it to?
I am using a 'COLLECTION LIST", on my home page that has 3 collection images.Obviously, when you click on each of them it goes to the correct collection. I need to make on of them go to a page I have created, instead of the actual collection.Is there...
I appreciate the insight, but not really what I am after doing. Although, I can use that for future things, so thanks.
Theme being used:DAWN -I am using a Custom Liquid Section on my Home Page.-I am using it to just add an image as none of the banner options work for what I need.-I just need to put the code in having it centered on the page so it scales on mobile dev...

Great, thank you for the awesome suggestions. I will have a look at those.
Hopefully someone can suggest something for what I am looking for.Right now I am looking for a free theme vs paid, as I don't want to pay for a theme in the event it doesn't work out.If there is an App that control what I am looking for that is great...

Unfortunately, I can not share either of those at the moment.
I am using the Refresh Theme. Does anyone know how to hide the page title on a single page in this theme?I ave searched and found some things relating to other themes, and have tried those solutions, but either the file or code used for those themes ...
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