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Hello Hope all are doing well i have checked all the things for the lazy loading issue but still, it can not be solved. can any one help me to resolve this issue? 
want to change the checkout from Facebook and Instagram to checkout from the website. but when I check the checkbox and click on the change button it redirects me to the below page. it goes into Shopify Facebook and Instagram channel how we can chang...
HelloI have checked there is no error in the product and not any product have disapproved.can you please let us know how to solve this now.
Hello i have checked there is no error in it please check. 
Helloi hope you are doing well.I need to create a Shopify app custom products review app. So That is possible to use local database storage?can anyone help me on this?   
Please check below screenshot. 
Hello i hope you are doing well. Microsoft channel is already setup still it shows the error of Microsoft Channel is not ready. Setup your account to use this app. 
Hello I hope you are doing well. I have already added the Paypal account in Shopify Its status is activated still it shows the error of Facebook and Instagram does not have PayPal activated.  can anyone help me with this? 
Sure, Please check for
can anyone let us know how can I solve this issue. Reduce JavaScript execution time 11.9 s
Can anyone let me know how can I reduce this error or solve this. Reduce the impact of third-party code Third-party code blocked the main thread for 3,750 ms
share it on messgae
Can you please share the detail for that which point we are missing to cover?
can anyone help me on this suddenly drop in Shopify Sales? The website URL is: 
can anyone let me know what is the "Other" in Sessions by device type? 
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