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Hi there, I'm facing the same issue, if someone has found a solution, thanks for sharing! Best
Hi,add the code to fix the size at the very end of the base.css
It's another topic... Too tricky for me!
Hi, is your vendor name already under the product name or above?
It's not solving the problem... I've only one image per variant
Yes I did, but how to link the variant images then? Only one image can be selected as a variant... And FYI, it's working perfectly with another theme (Showcase) but I don't want to use it for many reasons, I need to have it on Dawn
Hi, sorry but I don't catch what you mean...
Hi, exactly, I want to show only the black images when "black" is selected
Hi, I've 3 websites running with Dawn and even if I've checked the function "Hide other variant images when a variant is selected", it doesn't work... I've been trying different options found on some related topics here, but nothing works. If someone...
Hi, could you explain where to copy that code?The "Hide other variants after variant selected" option doesn't work on Dawn even if choosen... I'm going crazy!Thanks
Hi,I've exactly the same problem, nothing happens, even if images, titles and alt are correctely named with colors...Looking forward to solve this issue,best,Emmanuelle
Hi, thank you very much! I've been checking but I have many H3 blocks in the cart product liquid... And not on line 144... 
Hi, I've exactly the same problem, did someone find a solution?
no you're not missing anything, it will be automatically generated (see my previous answer). And yes, I forgot to say that you need to empty the vendor line in the product template. For the text sizing I use a Chrome extension called "what font", it'...
ok, so try to add only the first part, save and check a product page to see what happens.It should automatically generate the second part of the code. <p class="product__text caption-with-letter-spacing"> <a href="/collections/{{ product.vendor | han...
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