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Hey, how are you today?Here are some steps you can follow to troubleshoot and potentially fix the issue:Verify that the variants have been set up correctly in your Shopify admin:Go to your Shopify admin > Products > All products.Click on the product ...
Hmm, I'm not 100% sure, but you can try updating your middleware code to modify the existing 'Content-Security-Policy' header instead of adding a new one. Here's an example of how you can do this:$response = $next($request); $user = Auth::user(); if...
Hey, I hope you are well! Look, to ensure your homepage banner slideshow image works well on both desktop and mobile devices, it's important to consider responsive design. Generally, Shopify themes are designed to automatically resize images based on...
Hey, don't worry, you will get there! I'm happy to hear that at least you had 12 add to carts from 1k impressions. It's a start! Now, we need to understand a few more things:1. Are your visitors mostly from the US? Cause, if not, this banner is innoc...
Hey, sorry for not replying earlier! Yesterday was such a rush, and I could only stop now to look at past threads here in the community. Thank you for waiting! Giving renewed feedback:1. I don't know what you did, but I use the famous adblocker uBloc...
Hey, everyone, how are you doing? I recently noticed there's the possibility of translating my app listing, but I see no real benefit for it yet apart of the possible ASO boost. So, I just wanted to ask for those who have done it, if you saw any noti...
Apart from Klaviyo, as mentioned in the other answer, Drip is another CRM solution with a Shopify integration and dedicated to all ecommerce quirks.
It looks like it's been fixed. Nevermind 
Addressing your points one-by-one: - Appealing and easy to navigate-- I feel as if your homepage has a lot of sections, and it gets a bit overwhelming as I scroll down. Maybe only showcase your top products first, and then have a "See more" CTA after...
For how long has your store been live? If less than 48h, don't worry cause it takes time for new websites to get indexed by Google. I would also follow FlareAI's checklist items 1 to 4. Also, make sure your website name contains keywords that don't c...
Hi, Vigilo, hope you are doing well. I'm assuming the store you are referring to is, right? If so, I like what I see, but - being it a fashion accessories brand - i wonder: how are you showcasing how your products look ...
Hey, I don't know exactly how to help you with the posters bit, but I think you could probably think outside the box about the way to show variants of your frames: instead of creating 90 different variants, consider making a video and/or a gif montag...
Hi, I just saw that the listing for our app has an error, and the error was the one mentioned above. However, no matter how I input my code following the G-xxx structure, it keeps on saying it's wrong and nothing will satisfy the input. I can only le...
Here's a step-by-step and a small image showcasing it after step 2:1. Go to and login2. Select your store3. Select "Online Store" under "Sales Channels" to your left4. Select "Preferences" in the sub-menu that opens.5. Scroll down t...
Yeah, what I suggest is using coolors, fixing the colors you must have (such as the ones on your BG), and then shuffling until find one that matches. About the text, you don't need to literally put the "And so what?" in there hah. "Take a look at our...
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