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Hi, I am creating a blog page and would like to add caption to my photos.What is the best way? is there any app for this function?
Hi,Often times, customer wants to get an quote/invoice before purchasing, and ask for bulk discount. Is there a way that allow customer to submit draft order, so we can send a quote/invoice, and also apply the appropriate discount based on the volume...
Thanks! I will take a lookFrom my understanding, adding table, photos, hyperlink to metafield doesn't work the same as adding to product product description. That is why I say it isn't easy. 
Is there a way for me to add or a theme that allows multiple tabs on the product description? For example, I see that some store (non-shopify) can have multiple tabs that store information like below.or I am currently using Impulse theme. The only wa...
No other source. I just want to set an date for certain products to restock. Like on Aug 15th, we will have 500 units of Product X coming in. I want shopify to automatically add 500 units of Product X in the inventory. 
My company does manufacturing and sells on Shopify. I want to set up incoming inventory so that when the specific out of stock product that is being manufacture will get restock on a certain date. How can I achieve that?
Our products all ship from China. I want to have a warehouse in the USA and have a button so customer can select a "ship from USA" option with a different price. Is there a easy solution to this? Or is it better if it is considered a separate SKU/pro...
Our company and factory is in China and ship from China. We are thinking about either having a warehouse or using a 3PL in the US. We plan to add an extra buy button on my products that say "ship from USA". How can we utilize Shopify to do this?Anyon...
I used to link my product manual to url like this there a way to redirect everything that start with to  
How can I send different email template based on Payment type?Let's say if my customer select bank transfer, I want to send them a question providing bank info asking if they are going to proceed. Thank you. 
Is it possible to Add order date to Order ID? Instead of #1001, I want #20230315-1001.Looks like the Setting page to modify order ID does not allow liquid code like {{ date: "%B %d, %Y" }}. 
Thanks. This is possible, but it is just not very user friendly. 
There is an option to not track quantity, but if I select this, how can I mark the product as sold out?
Did you figure out how to do this? I can't believe shopify doesn't have a button for "Sold Out" when quantity is not tracked.
It looks like it has improved a bit on my end, are you still having issue
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