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Hi @Tongkatbutiken, There are many reasons that blog post may not be indexed. I can see your site is relatively new and doesn't generate much organic traffic yet. With so much content to index, and the cost of retrieval for Google to actually find, c...
Hi @StevenChristo, We eventually built our own image alt text feature in our app as rules based apps don't really create alt attributes correctly for images. They are great for at least creating a semi relevant alt text at scale if you have 100s or 1...
Hi @suspiria, Alt text certainly is an under used feature on not only Shopify stores, but many sites IMO. If added correctly, it can significantly improve clicks from Google image search to your store. It can also lead to conversions all things being...
Hi @randf  I assume you solved this? Always make sure you check the source code of the page. Right click on the page and select View Page Source. Then Cntrl+F and search for "alt=". Many tools will inaccurately show parameters. Always best to check t...
Hi @AstraTech  The Shopify image resizer is an easy option and works well in most cases. The majority of themes for the hero image are default for the following: Desktop: 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels heightMobile: 300 x 50The best free option for...
Hi @Christine_Wang,  Glad you got it resolved. For others still seeing SSL taking a while, we see inconsistent completion on new sites, and does also depend on what registry you used when purchasing the domain.  Sometimes it only take a few minutes, ...
Hi @Tulika, Not sure if you're still looking to sell, but along with those mentioned below, I would also recommend Empire Flippers. I spoke to them recently at a conference, and they are seeing and predicting a resurgence of ecommerce site demand fro...
Hi @SurTri, I find the easiest and cheapest app is https://apps.shopify.com/bulk-image-edit. What I like about it is it has am expansion feature so you can make them all the same size without skewing the actual image.
Hi,Did you even find a solution or tutorial on how to do this simply? Seems it would be  a nice default feature in the blog section.
Did anyone ever find a solution to this? We have a client with same issue currently.
Hi,So I'm having the same problem with the "Ship" option still being available, even though no rates are added and the product is added in a "Pick Up Only" profile. I want "Pick Up" to be the only option. Here is the setup below. Any ideas appreciate...
Hi Antoniovim, Are you able to outline your solution in more detail? Thanks
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