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What would be the quickest, straightforward methods to improve site speed ASAP? Just a few quick fixes.
Hello, my site has been experiencing issues as of recently regarding site speed. Before, my site had issues with unused apps and large images that needed to be sized down. Now, I can't find a specific issue with what's making my site slow all of a su...
for some reason I don't have the <title> section of code in my theme.liquid file.
it doesn't look like I'm using an app for the meta information. Where would I need to change the info on the theme liquid code?
Hello,on my site, there's {{ }} symbols on my meta title for some reason. I think it might have something to do with edited code, but I don't really know. any ideas to fixes on this?
I've added a read more function on my store page a while ago using this tutorial: However, for some reason there's certain products that, when I click 'r...
Hello,I'm trying to get a multi column announcement banner for my store. I want it to be similar to this site: right under the navigation menu is their 3-column announcement banner layout. I'm not sure if it was done with HT...
still looking if I could get some help on this.
To start off, there's this site, , and by the top is a row of circular images leading to brands. if the browser is restore downed (a window made smaller), the images can be manually dragged from side to side. I'm trying to s...
bumping this one again for additional support.
I've updated a draft storefront to version 10, but it undos a lot of custom content created for the store. Is there any way to have what I need through code alone?
Hi, I'm trying to add a quickview function for my store category pages with a design similar to Sephora. I decided to remove my add to cart buttons and add this instead, but I still need help with finding a good tutorial or code that works. I current...
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