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yes that's it, thank you so much !
hi there,  i am using the taste theme and i initially had my products appear on the homepage but then for organizational purposes added them to a collection on its own page.  once i did that the hover function for each product went away.  when you ho...
hi. this code you offered works great but i noticed the color changes on "home" and the drop down words do not show on mobile preview.     in order for the colors to also show on mobile do i need additional code? i want to get rid of price summary under product - so the only thing there is the product title 
hi there, 1. i successfully created a hover color for menu drop down but i would like to get rid of the underline that appears when the cursor moves to the drop down options.   2. i would also like to mak...
thank you so much! worked like a charm. there was one more instance of the first code to be replaced. thanks !!
hi - i am wondering if it's possible to make the store name present on different lines, and also have part of the store name a different size than the rest.  for example  long timefriend (smaller)discount
hi there!  sorry i dropped off, but now i'm back to getting our site up. thanks so much for these instructions they were very easy to follow. i did each step but i'm not getting the same results unfortunately.  are you able to take a look and see why... sahmoh i actually can see that the code i thought was working to break the title up onto different lines is making it so the home/catalog/contact links on the left and the cart/search icons on the righ...
hi - i am wondering if it's possible to make a part of the store name that appears in the header a different size font than the rest.  for example  christmassweater (smaller)party   i already used the following code to break up the title onto differe...
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