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Add it to base.cssThe number in 'scale' decides how much larger it will be 1 means no changeAlso recommend w3schools for some excellent tutorials on html and css. If you get into that, start learning Shopify Liquid for loads more cool features.
This is basic CSS... .header__heading-logo {     transition: transform .2s;}.header__heading-logo:hover {    transform: scale(1.5);}
Go to your home page, view source, line 3680 you open the comment with <!-- there's no matching close tag, a new open comment appears line 4238 with close tag, but that only closes itself, you can't have a html comment inside another html comment. Th...
You've opened a HTML comment to hide the Yotpo carousel, but not closed that comment, so the footer is essentially commented out.
Thanks Shtern, I'll close this and add my info there 
Since launching a theme in October, our session data appears to be disappearing. No issues with orders or other data, and this isn't reflected in GA. Session data for the 19th November showed at a normal amount yesterday, the same admin home report t...
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