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thanks for the good news :), I will try using graphql
Thanks Gary :), we will try redirecting the  merchants through the oauth flow
Hi , Thanks your your reply :), the reason for trying to update the location is like that we were asked to migrate to new fulfillment workflow before July 1st. As part of that migration , we were supposed to create new fulfillment service , and whene...
Hi,Is there any shopify API to update the location. We referred this doc, however not able to find the update location API documentation there.  We also tried by making a PUT request ...
I tried consuming the API admin/request_granular_access_scopes.json to add the below scopes"read_products","write_products","read_product_listings","write_product_listings"Then I got the below error message.{'errors': {'requested_scopes': 'Requested ...
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