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Bio: With 10+ years of hands-on eCommerce experience, I'm comfortable managing every aspect of it -- from software to logistics to customer care. I focus o...

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Well, setting up flat/table rates and integrating carrier rates using an API are technically different processes. But in any case, since you're not seeing delivery options, my guess is you don't have rates created for the locations you're trying to s...
You probably won't be able to get them exact, but using carrier rates generated by API integration will be your best bet. But the real problem is your shipping costs are going to be very high and will sticker-shock customers out of purchasing, so it ...
Hey there, do you know where this traffic is coming from? Are you running ads? Are you getting any adds-to-cart or email list signups? Overall, your site has a very "Shopify dropshipper" vibe to it with only one product, no policy pages, etc. Not tha...
To those who are seeing a drop in conversions: 1. When did you first notice the decline in sales? Did it happen right on 10/2, or a week or two later?2. Is there a change in adds-to-cart too?3. Any change in sessions?4. Any change in AOV?
Hey, your shop looks good! I can tell you've put a lot of thought into how your products and copywriting resonate with your target demo. You've also made the brand feel very personal and relatable, which is extremely important. As a small business, y...
Almost sounds like it may be a problem with your shipping module, not the coupon code. Without being able to see that myself, it's hard to say. I would definitely follow @flareAI's advice and reach out to the customer, find out the steps they took to...
That's pretty weird. Definitely reach out to Shopify directly. But in the mean time, what kind of stuff were you selling?
You should reach out to Shopify support directly asap. (These are community forums.)
I've had good experiences with Printify.
If you're a drop shipper, shipping times depend on the vendor you're buying from, how they ship, and where they're shipping from. If you're shipping yourself, you'll be able to decide on the carrier and how to best leverage shipping speed against cos...
Hey there, it's found at Online Store > Preferences > Scroll down to the Restrict Store Access block:  
And don't hesitate to jump on a chat with Shopify if you need help figuring out how to get a certain report. (Speaking from experience haha)
You'll want to create a special landing page just for the email sign-up form. That way you'll be able to make it look awesome, give it a headline, write some copy to further encourage folks to sign up, etc.
There are already plenty of tips here to keep you busy for a long time, but I figured I'd toss in my two cents: Your top menu is a little confusing. Pet Supplies and Pet Toys make sense, but Shop and Pets don't make as much sense. Also, since you can...
Each color is a product variant. You'll have to upload a picture for each variant, and then assign the appropriate pic to each variant. This is all done from the product creation page.
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