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Hi, @CustomishP ! Could you share your store url with the password (if needed) Thanks! 
Hi, @mi9 Yes, you can set up individual shipping regions for each product.Go to Settings > Shipping and deliverySelect the shippping profile that you want to add shipping zones toClick "Create new profile" in the top right cornerIn the Products secti...
Hi, @Macnet ! Go to Online Store > Edit Code > base.css Add this code at the bottom of your file:#shopify-section-template--18959489499420__form .contact__button .button { background-color: #638C1C; } Save the file and check it. Let me know if th...
Hi, @Mswatt21 ! This is a very simple fix. Go to file card-product.liquid under SnippetsGo to line 158 Here you will find this code: {% include 'opinew_review_stars_lists' %} or{% render 'opinew_review_stars_lists' %} Remove it and save the code. Thi...
Hi, Laura @UBS ! Could you please share you store URL with the password (if needed)? Thanks!
Hi, @sweetstash  Let me help you with this question. First, to change the products per row, go to Edit Code > main-collection-product-grid.liquid and locate line 203. Then set the "max" number to any that you want. Then, go to base.css and at the bot...
Hi, @sumcasa ! You can edit your website settings for shops on Instagram by going to your profile > Settings > Business > Shopping > Website. There you can select the domain associated with your catalog and submit it for review.You can customize your...
Hi, @mwmax ! 1) You are right, Shopify doesn't allow youto apply the price breaks to multiple lines items in cart because the ApplyDiscountStrategy only has two values: First and Maximum. There is no ApplyDiscountStrategy.All option yet. However you ...
@Havuhgooday okay, then go to theme.liquid or theme.css.liquid (not sure which one will have it) and paste the code above the </style> line
Hi, @CoolJay  I'd use the Bundler app for this. Let me know if this suits your needs.
Thanks for sharing the url @Havuhgooday  Try going to your theme > Edit Code > base.css and add this code at the very bottom:#shopify-section-template--21418533224766__81f3567d-e819-415a-8374-c7491eec9f74.hero__media { background-position: top; ...
Hi, @plfunkymusic ! go to Online Store > Preferences. In the "Google Analytics" section, check for the old Universal analytics tracking code and remove it if it's present. Optionally, add the GA4 tracking code in the same section and save your change...
Hi, @Havuhgooday  Can you share the url of your store along with the password (if needed)? Thanks!
You can try adding it to custom css section in the theme customization.
Thanks for your reply. Please add this piece of code at the bottom of your css file. It should be something like this:Edit code > base.css .cart-notification.active { background-color: white !important; } Change the background color according to your...
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