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Bio: 6 years experience building Shopify stores for small to large businesses. Certified Google Ads professional and Facebook Ads

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It was just fixed after reading others had the same problem, looks like the latest issue is also now fixed today , numbers are back to normal.
Same problem with our store showing about 20% of the actual traffic being reported by Google Analytics, has happened before with Shopify and they fixed it a few days later without admitting anything was wrong. Annoying but still have sales coming in ...
Thanks, but Im not sure how changing my Google Feed app is going to help me split out EU orders into a list of SKUs when Shopify don't allow editing of non store currency orders?
Hi, I am currently used the to do bundles in my store but have a problem that it cannot split the orders into separate SKUs for countries other than the UK , the store native country.  We are sending orders into a EU hub to be shipped but...
Hi Emmanuel, Thanks for the response and also the Google work you did for me recently.My client wants to have a second EU store so that we can bill in Euros and also it works with out fulfilment centre in Belgium so that bundles can be shown with eac...
Is it possible to have 2 stores the same but one is for UK and 2nd is for Europe and then have 2 google ad accounts and 2 merchant centre accounts so effectively 2 companies with the same name but slightly different URL and not get suspended by Googl...
Hi, I would look at using a client login app for your store so B2B customers can login and you can separate their orders from B2C and have different pricing for each type of customers. Im sure there is an app as I made a wholesale store for a client ...
Just turn on or off the charge taxes button on each product so you can choose which products need VAT applied. Go to products and bulk edit, open the column for charge taxes and click the check box.
I would lose this as it looks tacky as hell and add some more contact info to your footer, people want to know they can call you and find an address if if it's a registered office or Skype phone number and remove the "Powered by Shopify" at bottom.
Your site looks okay and has a lot of things right but you need to add more trust to it. Add some credit card logos to the checkout with your logo and also on the cart page. Also don't have a drop down cart take people straight to the main cart page ...
Your website looks okay for a standard drop shipping store but where is your traffic coming from ?Would expect at least a sale per 25-50 visitors so something is stopping conversions. Are you getting add to carts and are you sending abandoned cart em...
Share your store or no one can help you. 
All comes down to selling good products with great images, good pricing and trustworthy looking store that answer all customers questions and make it easy to purchase.
Why did you link your store to your Google account and Merchant Centre if you don't want to run ads? SEO would be the main way to get organic traffic and a lot of social media posting and blog posting but that will take time and effort.  If your stor...
Could be so many things and without seeing your website and checking the whole flow through to purchase hard to help.
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