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BNPL are actual thieves, taking 6% + a fixed amount from the total sale. shopify then takes 2% from the total sale, this includes shipping. So any BNPL sales are around 10-12% of the sale margin. They are disgusting thieves and they do not make custo...
I did,And i would also like to say OreoOrbitz fixed it, removed multiple hacks and made genuine user based experienced that not only makes the website more responsive but made us pass the mobile core web vitals.Also, if anyone is looking for site spe...
Do you guarantee you don't just implement the JS hacks and LCP hack to trick pagespeed but actually make realy  changes that affect real user experience?
I would be very skeptical about this, as most of these apps add tricks to fool pagespeed insights without actually improving your real user experience
Really? It sounds like you are from the original crew who discovered thi. It is definitely a really convincing "Hack" It would be amazing to have this removed. We are just a small business and reached out to try get a better user experience. We actua...
Thanks John,I sent them an email just asking. I was really polite and they havent responded. I might report this to Shopify so others are not caught out with the same tactic. We wanted a better experience for users and this doesnt even allow us to ma...
Hi there,We reached out to a shopify expert through the shopify experts portal to improve store speed and LCP. Of our vital webs, LCP is the only real issue we have. The shopify expert did indeed improve the store speed but the LCP remained large. Wh...
bump.this is super annoying, i wish i never used the shopify google app. It is slowing down store speed insanely and can't remove it
Hi there,I am looking to develop an APP that will create custom shipping rates based on a spreadsheet. I currently access this spread sheet to show shipping rates on prouct pages. However, i am wondering if this is something that I will be able to do...
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