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Query all products that have the exact same "stylen_" tag as the product added:See if you want more context!   
No in my case there is never more than one "stylen_" tag, should break it anyway though.The issue is with the query tag:"{{ style }}" 
Hello!How can I specify a query for tags that EQUALS and not INCLUDES?  If style is  stylen_ace jacket  This query will return products that have that tag but also products that have  stylen_ace jacket patterned    I see that the query in Shopify Adm...
Alright thanks!My only problem now is that this query matches both "stylen_ace jacket" and "stylen_ace jacket patterned" when style ="stylen_ace jacket" :{% for tags_item in product.tags %} {% if tags_item contains 'stylen_' %} {% assign style...
Thanks! I managed to get this to work:  
How can I write to a list of products metafield in Flows? 
Hey! Im trying to achieve kind of the same thing but Im stuck on the part writing to the metafield: How would you write to this field since we cant get the object?  
Bump.I have the same issue
I have the same issue. Really annoying. You get: "error: json not allowed for this object"It's an array. ["S", "M", "L"]
I'm having the same problem still, any suggestions? 
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