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@Greg-Bernhardt  I have replyed your private message as below Hi, sorry for late reply as i did not see your message. Here is the screenshot. You can see our impressions always become lower than before while the not indexed number becomes more and mo...
I just want to say, Google tracking code also is used for various analytics tracking, but it could not generate so many pages. So do you think whether Shopify needs optimizate your tracking code to stop generating such shit pages !!!
@Greg-Bernhardt Hi Greg, i just replied your PM, pls check. Thanks
Hi Greg, Just DM you one of those links. Pls check
@Greg-Bernhardt  Once Google updated in GSC, the indexed pages will update.  The no index tag on these wpm@ pages no effect for Google. Why Shopify could not stop the code to produce such pages???
We all have lots of wpm@ urls in GSC indexed page. @Greg-Bernhardt Now what is the solution for these pages?
@Greg-Bernhardt i see it. But our site also still get such pages indexed. Why shopify could not stop the code to produce such pages?
@Greg-Bernhardt wpm URLs will be noindex and drop from the indexWhat is the shopify's method?  Add noindex tag in wpm pages? I did not find such tag in these pages at present.  You said nonissue in terms of SEO. Now Google has indexed these pages. If...
Yeah, we need compensation !!!!!
@Greg-Bernhardt Can you guys stop the code to produce such no content, meaningless pages?
 Hi Greg, there is no noindex in wpm@ pages and our site produces such pages everyday.  Google still indexed them even we have add  Disallow:/wpm@* in the robots.txt.   Our site had indexed about 3 hundreds pages before. Now google shows more than 60...
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