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Hi @Shayne - thank you so much for your help!! This is all really useful information; thank you. The CLI is indeed cool, thanks for highlighting that  One final line of questioning: How do I get the historic and current transactions associated with ...
Hey @Shayne - again, sorry to keep tagging you, but I'd really like a resolution to this so I can proceed with my implementation. We already have our app fully working and approved on other store platforms and this is the major roadblock stopping us ...
Hi @Shayne - sorry to poke, but could you respond to the questions on my most recent post?
Hi @Shayne - thanks for your answers and clarifications  this is a big help. I hate to keep going with more questions, but we're nearly there!! Regarding the times when APP_SUBSCRIPTION_UPDATE gets fired - the main case I've come across where it doe...
Hi there, I've recently posted an existing thread with several questions relating to my usage of the billing API, and received some useful answers from Shayne at Shopify, but had some further questions. I'm reposting those here, on a new thread, as I...
Same complaint here. I was about to implement (incorrect and dodgy) functionality to extrapolate the billing period end by adding 30 days because it seemed like currentPeriodEnd was being set to the end of the last billing period rather than the end ...
Hey @Shayne - sorry to poke, but I wanted to make sure you'd been notified by my other reply. I'm not sure if I posted it as a reply to your post or not, but I had a few more questions.Also, another question: is it correct that AppSubscription.curren...
Hey Shayne, Huge thanks for this; your answers are very helpful. Regarding webhook payloads - yes, I'd guessed they might return an AppSubscription, but I wasn't sure where I would find it in the webhook object. However, Tim Fletcher on Slack did res...
Hey there, I'm currently implementing the Shopify billing API. I have successfully got an app usage subscription working, but I have some related questions that I can't find solutions to and need answered ASAP. The first question is: what are the pay...
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