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A merchant can change the shop name, the one displayed to users, but not the shop domain. We use the xyz.myshopify.com domain as identifier, which must be unique and can not be changed.  
I received a reply via e-mail. For future reference:The unstable API is the only place where the NFT Sales Eligibility API works for the moment, and no definite plans for moving to a stable release. When it does, it will only be with that stable rele...
Maybe not a complete reply, but Shopify nodejs SDK has a GraphQL client which could simplify development. https://github.com/Shopify/shopify-api-js/blob/main/lib/clients/graphql/graphql_client.ts
As far as I now, shop domain/shop name is unique and you can use this to identify the shop
Which programming language are you using? If the request comes from your Shopify application, and you use app bridge to make these requests then (in Node) you can do a couple of things:Check if the shop is part of the query (which it should be in req...
Hi,I am developing a NFT application where merchants can sell NFTs. I came across this documentation to check the merchants sales eligiblity: https://shopify.dev/docs/apps/blockchain/nft-distribution/nft-sales-eligibility. However, the GraphQL docume...
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