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UPDATE!I managed to add the barcode to the packingslip using the Libre Barcode 39 google font. The barcode is generated using the {{ order.order_number }}, so the barcode is basically just the order number.  The next issue now is:- How would be infor...
Hello everyone!I have a little tricky one here i would love to get some assistance with. We have a logistics flow where we do not capture payments before an order has been picked. The reason for this is partially national laws, but also avoiding issu...
Hello Everyone!I have a minor issue i need some assistance with. I am using Dawn Theme and want to place some design above the header section. I have done this successfully and it works great, however the content is also included with the sticky head...
Hello @ankitsharma14 Sadly no, but let me know if you find such a solution.
Hello, Anyone know if there exist and app that allows us to show the price developments of products on the product pages for our customers? Something similar to this:  
Hello @EmmanuelFlossie ! Just looked over the source code again, and i can see that both the GTM & Trekkie refrences the GA4-code. I am not 100% sure what Trekkie is in a shopify sense, and i am not sure where Trekkie is firing from within Shopify. B...
Hello @EmmanuelFlossie ! Thank you for your reply. I cannot find any duplicates of the script when looking at the source on the page, and if that were the case i assume we also would see duplicated events on GA4 trough the debug tool?
Hello good people! I am having issues with the convertion tracking on our page: I have a strange issue where GA4 is reporting 2-4 purchase events on a purchase, which is messing with our convertion rate tracking in GA4. I fir...
Hello Everyone! I have been working with Magento 2 for a few years, and simply love the schedule update function they offer. In short, it allows you to schedule updates for specific pages/categories and products/prices. This is ideal for sales, where...
Hello @PageFly-Richard, I found the issue. The problem was that "page-width" was for some reason set to Z-Index: 2, which caused it to overlap. I removed the Z-Index, and works correctly now.
Hello @PageFly-Richard ! Thank you for your reply. I tried this, but did not solve the problem. Note that the issue seems to be part of the "FacetFiltersFormMobile", and not the "CartDrawer". This is the filter pop-up used on collection pages which p...
Hello Everyone! I have an issue with the z-index on the filter popup, and i cannot seem to figure out where to adjust it. The problem now is that the filter box when using the "drawer" function in dawn theme, is hidden behind the product images and t...
Hello @BSS-Commerce!Thank you for your reply. I did try that, but i am still stuck on it not working correctly on desktop. From what i can tell, there is a conflict with the user agent (chrome) adding a "display: block", which dont allow the flex-war...
Hello again @BSS-Commerce !I had some issues with the codes now, and now it only displays on mobile for some reason. Ideally i just want the variants to be grouped like this on desktop, not on mobile. Is there a fix for that?
Hello @BSS-Commerce ! Excellent stuff, worked perfectly. Thank you!
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