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Any solution on how to do it please?
Hi all, i'm using sense 2.0 as themeI'm looking for a way to grey out, change the opacity or something like that, in collection page when a product it's out of stock. none of the method i've tried so far was working
Hi all, i'm looking a way to move my menu bar under the announcment barThis is my actual condition- announcment bar- logo etc- menu But i would like to have it as- annoucment bar- menu- logo etc Thanks if helping  Sense Theme 2...
Hi all, as you can see in the image below, on the "adagio" there's the original out of stock symbol, on the "armonioso" the result i would like to reach.Black opacity on the product, bigger badge.Using sense 2.0   the site...
Thanks a lot, it works as intended. There's a way to transform it uppercase as vendor style?
hi all, i would like to add an extra line in my search resultas you can see herei have vendor, product name and the price.On the top of this i also would like to add an extra text for each (a metafield that i've created), cause some product had the s...
Another problemAs you can see here the first icon, the text isn't on the same line, creating an overlap
Perfect, how do i activate this also for touch screen device? If you click on the allergen, appear the text
Sorry, my fault
As you can see in the image, i've added image to let people know if the product contain allergenThis is made using metafieldHow to add a hover text box to let people know what the image is about?Example the third symbol is "no caffeine", if you click...
Any news about this?
Sorry for late reply..I want to remove opacity to the product not to the badge
I also would like to remove opacity to the image under the sold out badge, how to?
Hi all, i'm trying to put SOLD OUT badge in the middle of an image (collection page) with low opacity of the image below.How to? Sense 2.0 v 12.00
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