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Thank you mastermind!
Thanks for the quick reply!Yes I'm checking for a product tag . I added the product tag to the product, see below. The product tag:
Hi masterminds! I'm struggling to get this workflow working.I want to add a tag "sounding into the divine" to a customer the moment the order for this product (which is also called Sounding into the Divine) is created.I tagged the product on the prod...
I fixed it with the rule: "message includes..." 
Hi, masterminds.Is it possible to automatically tag a customer purely on who created this customer? This info is shown in the customer details window (see screenshot).This would be a good solution for me, because some tags created by Omnisend are not...
Thank you so much Thom! That worked like a charm.In the custom Css window I get the 'popup' that the selector does not appear to be used in this section, although the code works. Do you know why this happens and how I should go about this?Thanks agai...
Hi, I want to be able to target the css of one specific line text line within an image-and-text-block.With inspect element I can change it (€ 69,00 EUR to color red ), but I can't find out where to put the code in the css files. I've tried this:#shop...
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