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Okey problem solved. For ever what reason shopify changed the domain for api usage?Normally it is and now it is {generatedbyshopify} Anyone more info about this? Since when? Only new shops? Etc Thnx.
Hi, I'm having problems with a fulfillmentCreateV2 mution on the Grapql api. I'm getting {"errors": "Not found"} as result.This request works fine on other shops, even with unknown orderid's.The app has the same scopes as the one on the other shops. ...
So unfortunately it's still not in their REST api. But at least they updated docs about it.Can't imagine why they didn't integrate in REST yet. 
Yes could be, but then it would be a good reason to mention that ;).
Thankyou for your message.We can't have the latest fulfillment data. I mean, once an order is in fulfillment process, the order/fulfillment data can't be changed... We can't change the packing when we're busy packing the order.
That's ridiculous!There should be a timeline for this feature....
Having the same issue...
Are there any Staff members available who can clarify?
Hi, We are a order management app which we use to fulfill orders from 2 webshops:- Webshop 1, we are the only party who fulfills orders in this shop- Webshop 2, there are 3 parties who fulfills orders in this shop Our current workflow:1. Import order...
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