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I am trying to implement bulk fulfillment via apis but i the only way that is possible now is by iterating over single fulfillment api request. Do we have any other way to do it at once?   
Hi, Thank you for the feedback!!
This is weird, here menus have different number of entries then one seen on store. Still, please check 2nd last (newMenu - assigned to desktop  ) and 3rd last (Main menu - assigned to mobile). 
Assuming you already know basic html/css. Try adding css for the target html <select> element {         position : absolute;       top:0;      left:0;} share store url for exact css.
I think you have assigned different navigation lists for your desktop and mobile version.please check the navigation lists in online store >  navigation . I can not say much without looking into you code.Thanks!!
I dont think content box can have images as input, you need to create the metafield with type page or text.
goto theme code > sections > image-banner.liquid inside any {% style %}   {% endstyle %} tags , place the code .button {    width: 30rem !important;    height: 4rem !important;    font-size: 2rem !important;} please adjust these numbers according to ...
Add it on the top.If <style> tag is already there add inside it.If it works, mark this as a solution else I will need access to your theme code to check it properly and fix it.
Hi, thanks for the feedback.I have provided a whatsApp chat widget bottom at bottom right so that customers can contact us directly. I will also add contact us page link as you suggested.Thanks for all the valuable points!!
Not sure where the css for this is located in your theme, still you can try this: add this into your image_banner.liquid (or something named like this in code > sections)   <style>.banner__media::after {      opacity: 0 !important;}</style>
store => can i do to improve?!!! 
check if your domain subscription is active or expired. It happens if auto renew domain subscription is not enabled.
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