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Thank you for the feedback and encouragement!
Hi! I have a few suggestions. It is difficult to see what the jewelry looks like on the model. I like the model pics but I think you should have mostly product only photos for each product. Also, I feel the model's style does not match the website co...
Hi, All. I'm FINALLY almost done setting up my store, at least the cosmetic part. Changes I'm already working on:-Review buttons, stars, sorting on product pages are black on black back ground so I need to change to white-Email subscribe box at botto...
What is the website address?
Hi! website: litmob.wtfpw: saltines I would like to change the color of the review stars, button and sorting button which are displayed at the bottom of product pages. Right now they are black on a black background. I would like them to be white to s...
Hey! You did a great job, love the layout and colors! I would suggest your slide shows should be a diverse collection of products on each slide. When I opened the site I thought it was a clothing fashion website because of the beautiful dress on the ...
Hi! The size chart for my Sweatshirt category is not displaying properly on the web or mobile site. It is only in the Sweatshirt category, the other category size charts display litmob.wtfPW: saltines This is what it looks like on ...
Hi, I just tried that and it moved the same section up, which is now to far up (I will delete). So it worked on the wrong section. Is there a different code I can use?
THank you, can you assist me to change all text in the grid to white? This is what I see now:  
Thank you for the explanation to find body. The code worked for one of the sections but not the other. I still have this extra space, can you help?  
Hi, how by </body> am I looking for that phrase in the code or do you mean before the body of the code? How do I find </body>?
Hi. I would like to make the corners of the white box behind my products rounded instead of squared. Illustration attached. I would like all the products on all pages to have rounded corners. Website: litmob.wtfPW: saltines Thank you!
Hi. Can you instruct me how to change the text color on the size chart on my listings? Right now the text color makes the size chart not readable. Website: litmob.wtfPassword: saltines Thank you!
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