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Hi Chris I've been trying to work with them too, but unfortunately, I haven't had any luck either. I've even had people in America tell me that the Afterpay option isn't showing up at checkout, despite Afterpay's assurances that everything is set up ...
Hi I'm curious if anyone has successfully set up cross-border transactions with Afterpay. I have an Afterpay account, and accessing the feature is not an issue when people are in Australia.  After looking at the Afterpay website, it appears that buye...
Yes, we received some help in developing the website as I moved over from Squarespace. I want to keep the site simple and easily accessible for my viewers, but I will definitely look to incorporate the advice I have received
Dear Dan,I would like to express my gratitude for taking the time to review my page. Your input is truly appreciated. Regarding the 404 page, it will not be active until tomorrow when the product goes live. BestKellsie
Hi, I was hoping to receive feedback on my store. I like the simplicity and ease of navigation, and I believe it has everything my customers would need. However, I would appreciate any additional feedback you may have. My store offers business digita...
Hi AndrewWould love for you to have a look here’s the link below.https://kellsiebain.myshopify.comWe are almost ready to launch our new products in the next few days, butthere are a few minor tweaks that need to be made.We have spent the past few mon...
Hi AndrewThank you for your response. To clarify, I have created an entirely newwebsite on Shopify and will be shutting down my Squarespace webpage. Atthis time, I have not yet migrated any content from Squarespace. My websiteoffers digital business ...
Hello, I currently have my website set up with SquareSpace, but I have created a new website on Shopify. What's the quickest and easiest way to transfer my old domain name to my new Shopify store?
Hi i am currently running the craft theme and i am trying to change all my button colours from black to #E3BC9A in the theme setting sections. However the header is continually changing but not my buttons? Any advice on how i fix this?
Hey there! Can someone help me out with my store? I've got a product which is an online tutorial that's around 50 minutes long and I'm not sure how to upload it. Do I need a specific app or something?
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