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Bio: My name is Meraj Uddin Malik, and I am 25 years old. I was born in Pakistan. Currently, I am dedicated to the field of computer science.

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In MacBook Air On Safari Browser after login to Shopify store it wont show anything? i cant access shopify online store in safari browser. any one help me with this please
Hello everyone, I need assistance with implementing a 'Notify Me' option in my theme. This option should be available for products that are currently out of stock. When a customer clicks on the 'Notify Me' button, an email field will be displayed, pr...
How To Add An Image Banner To Each Shopify Collection Pages
hi i am using Ella Shopify theme when i add banner to collections i looks blur i tried different sizes but it is still showing blur image please some one guid me to fix this issue.
yes i use new email i work with new email thanks for the help.
no i m using same domain for long but now the issue i m facing is my email is  ot able to verify i authorized again and again and resenr verification code but i didnot recived any email
yes i have bought godady domain to use my fav domain name instead of using shopify default domain adress 
hi i am using godady domain and before email bill expired it was working well after renewal of email shopify ask for verification and still not verifing my email
thanks i got it now its working the image location was accepted in this code<img src="" alt="Zemimaas Logo" style="width: 60px; height: 60px; display: inline-block;">
no still not working
i want to add logo in packaging slip but the code isnt working <img src="" style="width: 60px; height: 60px;">
 hi i am using Ella shopify theme it that theme i want to give custom css for border radius but it didnt worked well i'm using this code for border radius in css  img {max-width: 250px;max-height: 250px;margin: 0;position: static;border-radius: 50%;}
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