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Yes, I managed to fix it by looking at the JSON file directly and finding it. It hadn't been picked up by Translate and Adapt for some reason
Found the fix. In the locales file you have to add translations for and contact.errors.blank.contact_info.email_or_phone
Same issue here. Have you found a fix for it?
But how would I make this work with different languages? I still want it to say "Enter an email" in English but to be translated when switching languages
The issue is that the error message labeled as "Email can't be blank" or "Phone number can't be blank," does not exist, I’ve searched for every thing and translated every field with the word email in it. I use Translate and Adapt and not Transcy.
The "enter an email" message is missing in the translate and adapt app. Moreover there is a field for "Enter an email or mobile phone number" if you choose to accept email or phone number, but this is not the same error message that is displayed when...
I do not have the Actions > Edit languages option. I believe this is because I have Shopify 2.0. Is this possible in the latest version of Shopify? This is what I see when I go to Online Store > Themes 
Where can I find the language file?
I would like to add a new custom language with a custom shortcode. This language is not listed in the available store languages and I would like to add an option for it there. Is this possible?
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