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Bio: Entrepreneur making premium outdoor clothing for fishing and hunting enthusiasts!

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Hello, I am currently signed in and I know what my password is for my Shopify account. I am trying to log in to my store on the Shopify Mobile app and every time I type the email and correct password, it says "This email has already been taken" and i...
My domain was originally linked hosted through Google Domains. I chose to transfer it to my Shopify account just to have everything in one location. Since the transfer (1+ week), my site loads extremely slowly and the content is completely messed up....
Thank you for the reply. I have made sure all overflows in my theme are hidden and I still get the error. It has to be somewhere that I'm not seeing.
My site performance and SEO is excellent. I need help with fixing a specific "Best Practices" error.   Here is the error in text: Specifying `overflow: visible` on img, video and canvas tags may cause them to produce visual content outside of the ele...
I keep having a very low Best Practices score on my Pagespeed insights. I will attach the errors I am receiving for reference.    
I posted a question earlier regarding increasing my sites Pagespeed insights and some guy replied with a link to a website with a free trial where I install a script to my website theme and it will clean up my other code. I am beginning to feel like ...
Hello! I am trying to increase my pagespeed insights to have all 90+ performance scores and I am stuck with some bad scores. My performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO used to be: 98, 100, 100, 100 respectively. Now I am sitting at 91, 96...
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