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 My mobile header, with logo menu and cart button looks much better on desktop than the desktop header. I can see this when I resize my screen. How do I make the mobile header always show regardless of screen size ? Thanks 
 Can anyone help? My price for regular and sale are displayed as a row. I want it displayed as a column, but also to be centrally aligned. Is this possible ? Thanks 
I’m wondering if anyone can help me with this issue, I’ve struggled with trying to find photos that fit desktop view and mobile view within a slideshow. im wondering if I can create two slideshows one featuring mobile portrait photos on doing landsca...
using dawn 12.0. my mobile site is looking great but on desktop all slideshow slides and banner images are massive. how do i maybe limit them to a specific height or width on desktop only? thanks heres example - its about three pages for one image
  Here’s a website I want to replicate - I want product photos to span the width of the phone screen and also have no white space between the product photo and the header - also how do I get the dots at the bottom of product images ? I’ve edited css ...
 Also having issue with my header now being able to move lower 
 as you can see I can get my burton relativly low by using the “margin-top: 95%” but it doesn’t bring it low enough for some reason. I want my burton to be near the bottom. Can anyone help !  Thanks . Dawn theme 
Sorry that was my bad, is there a way of doing it to only effect the product photo not the entire page ? Thanks 
That just throws up a load of errors
  At the moment the product display has a white border round the images which is annoying I want it right to the screen edges (mobile) and also for some reason on the product photos it’s cut off the sides of the images to make the image thinner for s...
is there any way of getting a loading animation on my Dawn theme for when an image is loading ? Thanks
I’ve stopped lazy loading on my product pages, but I want the second third etc images to be lazy loaded. How do I do this while making sure to first image isn’t ? Thanks in advance !! 
When I run them through the converter they actually grow in file size 
Thank you this is actually very helpful, how do I make all images webp? 
Greetings all, I’m having some issues with shopify analytics, currently I’m running Facebook ads and I’m getting around 30 clicks, but shopify pick up 0 of them visits. I know some people may click add and leave before it fully loads but not 100% of ...
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