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Hi @afrazkhan, unfortunately I've looked high and low to no avail. I asked in multiple Support channels but still cannot find an answer. I wish there was a Shopify alternative that lots of businesses used, to be honest
Thank you very much, @Liam  For step #4 (passing credit card info to Shopify's card server attached in screenshot), which APIs could I use to safely pass credit card info to Shopify?
Hi @Luke_K, is there any documentation on how exactly to use the checkoutCompleteWithCreditCardV2 to complete a checkout without the web url? Would appreciate any examples too if you have any.
Which set of APIs are used with the shopify-card-vault? It explains the steps in this link below but does not explain which APIs to call: Please, can someone advi...
I see, I have been looking through the documentation but cannot find where they describe how to create order without using checkout URL. Could you share the link, please @gr_trading?
Is there any documentation on how to achieve it? Could you share how it is done, please? I understand it's not recommended but I need to do it in my case.
Hi all, Is it possible for a public app to programmatically let customers make payments and complete orders/checkouts without customers manually having to go through the Checkout web url? 
I've been stuck on this issue for a while now. If anyone can help or direct me to the right point of contact, I'd be grateful. When I run my app using shopifyApp from shopify/shopify-app-express, it keeps giving:Failed to process webhook: Error: Coul...
Hi all, I am using the shopifyApp from @Shopify/shopify-app-express to setup the Shopify webserver but I keep running into this error: Failed to process webhook: Error: Could not validate request HMACI suspect that I am not passing the correct hostNa...
Hi @SBD_, thank you. So I have no other choice but to create a Rest client and get this detail through it?
Hi all,  I noticed in the docs that to get the product listings count, we need to use the rest client to make a call to `product_listings/count` endpoint. However, I am using graphQL and was wondering what is the equivalent graphql query for this ope...
Hi @lizk, thank you for replying so fast. Unfortunately it didn't solve the problem. I am using Shopify CLI 3 and I did a `yarn dev --reset`. I selected Always by default, but it still gives that error. Is there anything else I need to do?
I don't understand this error. Can someone tell me what is wrong please?
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