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Hello, Looking for help moving my button to the red mark on desktop. Can anyone help? Thanks,. 
Unable to update the fileInvalid JSON in tag 'schema' Get this error when trying to save
great is there a way to add a thumbnail to the video?
Hello,  I have added a video section to my page but it is way too big for desktop. Is there a way to make the video box smaller and to the left and add text or something to fill the space on the right? Any help would be appreciated!Thanks https://x3l...
hello, I would just like a blank page that i can add sections to Thanks
hey, where do i access the templates?
Hello, I would like to add a new link to my navigation bar called become a stockist. I have added it to the navigation and linked it to a new page but it seems to link to my FAQs page. Please advise. Thanks https://zba9hrbyq08gz8bv-71289930044.shopif...
that's great thanks. Do you know how to move this button down?  
Hi, I would like to reduce the height of my image banner on mobile view by around 20% without affecting the desktop view. Here is my store link: Thanks.
Also for the desktop view, yes i will remove the button, i just wanted to show you the position where i wanted it. As long as it aligns with the trust pilot sign.
hey,this is great. For the mob view, how do i move the button up a small amount? Thanks. I would like the button at the bottom ( centre ) on mob view and over the existing button on desktop.
hello, thanks for your help! Is there a margin i could add so i can move the button left and right?Also how would i adjust the height and width of the button?Thanks.
yes i would like it as a button in the same position as the try now please. Thank you
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