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Hello i would like to change the color of the pricing on both the home page (featured collection (Best Sellers section)) AND product page. so for the original price (the price that's crossed out) I want it to be red. currently it is grey. i am using ...
I want to change the color of the original sales price on the "featured collection" on the home page. currently, it is gray and I want to change it to a red color with the crossed out price being red as well i am using debutify
Debutify Theme - How can I redirect straight to CART PAGE after clicking "Add To Cart" button? I am able to redirect to checkout page but I want to redirect to cart page instead. i am using debutify theme.
how do i revert the version history?edit: nevermind I got it
something happened to my store. now it says this on top of the page: link-href-www-ssensials-com-cdn-shop-t-24-assets-fancybox-min-css-v-178684395451874162921705359821-rel-stylesheet-type-text-css-media-all" class="sticky-header transparent-header--d...
can it be in all red? including the cross
I need help changing the original sale price to a red color crossed out. currently it is greyed out. i want it to be red instead.  I am using the debutify theme. this is the
theme: turbo portlandsite: > scroll down to "trending now" I want to change the color of the SALE price on the homepage to GREEN. currently, it is black, and the original price is red and crossed out. I want the sale price (black/left s...
didnt work. specifically mobile, desktop is fine if you can help fix the cart on the top bar and make it even on the header. 
top right corner cart and header sticking out. i am using turbo portland
still nothing. i want it to change on desktop
it didnt change the CTA position. if anything i want it to fit the same length as the product description. 
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