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It did not work, it is still not appearing on my phone. I have a iPhone 11
website: gatewaymidera.compassword: GatewayMidera45appears on desktopyou have to go on a phone for the cart icon to not appear, if you use the mobile preview from desktop, it will appear there. icon is not there, but button is do i fix this...
I don't think its actually a white rectangle, I think its a divider, I used this code to make the wave<div class="footersvg"><svg viewBox="0 -40 600 100" width="100%" height="100" preserveAspectRatio="none"><path id="footersvg--little-wave" transform...
website: gatewaymidera.compassword: GatewayMidera45 when something is in my cart it goes away though 
website: gatewaymidera.compassword: GatewayMidera45 I want to move the quick links under the payment icons
I'm not really familiar with liquid, can you support me with the code? 
website: gatewaymidera.compassword: GatewayMidera45how can i get rid of the "Quick Link" header and move the navigation pages under the paypal icon
It did not work, I added it to the bottom of base and it did not changeresults:  
what i circled in red does not match the same color as "Want to get exclusive drops, and discounts, say no more put your email down below and join the Midera Fam!"
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