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I just copied the code, but it changes all the sections, is there something I'm missing?
Thanks, but now all the Images with text sections have changed. I need to change the order only on those 2 sections, is it possible?
I'm so sorry, I made a mistake. In the Shopify Backend, we didn't save it as a Headline and a Subheadline, but as unique text.Can you help me?
As I said, we need to change the order of this "image with text" section only on Mobile. Til now we have the text and then the image, but we need the image first.Only in these 2 sections and  only on Mobile This is my store link: https://gioto-1308.m...
As I said I need to increase the font size on this section below. Only in the Headline, and Subheadline.I need it only on a desktop because the Mobile Version is good enough. This is my store link: Can you help me? 
thank you 
Hello, as I said I need to get the favicon Url.We have a favicon on our website, but I need it on a URL version to embed it in an App. This is our store link: Can you help us? Thanks  
Thank you soooo much! It's perfect!
<div id="section-id-{{ }}"class="{% if section.settings.use_alt_bg %}use-alt-bg fully-padded-row--medium{% else %}fully-spaced-row--medium{% endif %}"data-section-type="testimonials">{%- style -%}{%- if section.settings.layout contains 'im...
OK, I'm inside the testimonial section, where do I find the code? 
Hello! I'm sorry, what is this code?
Sorry, What is the schema?
I'm sorry, Where do I find it?
hello! as I said, We need to add a small image of the costumers just below their name in the testimonial Section. I'm using the Symmetry theme... Is it possible? Can you help us? this is my store link:  
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