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I am a loyal @Shopify customer, but I am growing increasingly frustrated with the limitations on customization options, particularly with the Bundle App. The three-option limit and 100 variants constraint are inhibiting my business growth. Many like ...
PaulNewton,Thank you for your detailed response and insights. I appreciate your perspective on the challenges involved Liquid and optimizing Shopify themes.Regarding my initial question, I'm wondering if you could kindly offer some guidance. Specific...
Hello Shopify Community,I hope you're all doing well. I'm currently working on optimizing my Shopify store's performance, and I've come across a question regarding the content_for_header liquid variable. I'd like to inquire whether it's possible to m...
Solution:  {% form 'create_customer' %} <input type="hidden" name="customer[accepts_marketing]" value="false" /> <input type="checkbox" name="customer[accepts_marketing]" /> {% endform %}  
Hello,For some reason @Shopify this not long work when the customer is create. How can I create a customer without not accepts marketing email subscription? I ask this because this line of code doesn't work anymore, and for default accepts marketing ...
@sandyparihar07 for some reason this is not working well now, for example the follow link: "./collections/mycollection" I got this "./collections/mycollection?_pos=1&_psq=du&_ss=e&_v=1.0"Any reason to get this?
@sandyparihar07 thanks for your reply. At the moment this is the best solution.{%- capture contentForQuerystring -%}{{ content_for_header }}{%- endcapture -%} {%- assign pageUrl = contentForQuerystring | split: '"pageurl":"' | last | sp...
@Shopify, can fix this one? The method how you can get a url link Is not working when the request is need to be full or absolute. I can't get for example the close subfolder when this is solo, "/" example: (.com/en/), return: (.com/en) and everything...
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