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Hi, You have to know about liquid to achieve your goal.For your reference:,
Hi Alepenu,I think marking as "Sold out" is not a good idea. Because you don't know exactly if they're in MEX but they buy a product and want you to ship to somewhere in USA.The solution is to not allow them to checkout with "sold out" product when t...
Hi Wessafi,Of course, it can be done by using Shopify. But you will need to add some customization to your Shopify site to achieve your goals.I think Shopify Plus is suitable for your need.Regards,
Hi,It's possible with Shopify. If you are merchant if have to hire developer to develop an additional feature for your store. If you are developer, you can check out this doc to have an overview about the way to do it.
Hi,In your case, I think the delivery customization function is the right solution to solve the problem, I don't know exactly what is the root cause that blocks customer to checkout, but it's required to have one delivery option available at checkout...
Hi,Are you developer? You can check out this techniques, it works exactly the same as what you want.,
Hi Kaki,Thank you for your kindness.Looking forward to keep in touch with you. Feel free to ask if you need any solution for your store. Furthermore, for Shopify and software development.Regards,
Hi,You can create a custom marketing automation. The workflow should beOrder created -> check lineitems -> check product -> productType/vendor/tags ... Please checkout the following images for further details.Regards,
Hi,Have you clean up your browser cache too?
Hi,> Information>Nuvie Boarding Script>Shipping>PaymentYou can not do this. Because Shopify policy. But you can collect customer information by adding your custom UI/Form to Information/Shipping/Payment steps (of course it has some limits)Regards,
Hi Mbiggs, You can ask your customer to clean up their cart(empty their cart), then order again.I'm not sure 100% if it works or not. But one potential issue might happens because they're checking out the old cart. Please try!Regards,
Hi,Could you please let me know exactly what is your issue? And what do you want to solve. So that I can help.Regards,
Hi,I see, so in this case we should do the reverse:if (actor == 'API') { // No business logic here, I just want to discard the call because the update came from my service through the API } else { // do business logic here // update product act...
Hi,I think you did not really want to try to solve your issue, you're finding an easy way to do it. There is no infinite loop, let's have a look as the sample code below:if (actor === 'API') { // handle business logic here // update product actor...
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