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Hi Everyone,  After two weeks of not being able to edit my storefront, I FINALLY found the setting that is triggering this pop-up, so would like to share it with everyone in hopes that it can resolve the issue for you as well. I am on Safari and the ...
I am having the exact same issue on my iMac for the past few hours...the pop up to enable third party cookies keeps appearing even though all cookies are enabled.  Also I cannot edit my theme (Automation) as it keeps re-directing to the Password page...
Hello and Congratulations on your website!! I would like to provide some constructive criticism just from a first look perspective.  This is purely just a personal opinion from someone who is quite visual and loves to shop for women's clothing online...
I would just like to add that when I first visited your store, I felt positive due to the main visual, then when I started looking at the products on offer, I felt a bit confused, as first there was a couple, then baby clothes, then sink attachments,...
The Developer contacted me to troubleshoot, therefore I'd like to share the fixes here for anyone who may be facing the same issues with the Automation theme: 1: Search Overlapping the Logo:This was due to the body background color being set to trans...
Websensepro, Thank you for looking into this.  Unfortunately inserting the code as described did not fix the issue.  Inserting the above code shifted the entire 20% of the UI to the left of the screen when the search button was pressed, but the searc...
Hello and thank you for addressing this issue. This issue persists with the "Automation" theme and has been there since I first downloaded the theme.  It was an issue before I made  any code changes or added any images.  I have not added any apps and...
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