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Shopify and WordPress are two popular platforms for creating an online store, but they have some key differences that can make one better suited for your needs than the other. Here are some reasons why Shopify may be a better choice for building an o...
Hi @Navneetbali111  Shopify stores use lots of apps for optimization, promotions and management.I can advice you to check these apps:SpurIT SEO Image Optimizer - the app allows to speed up your store and improve SEO by optimizing product images and a...
Hi @CozyDream  I've checked your store. Not sure about the reason of low sales, but I would highly recommend you to work on user experience of your store. The very first thing that I've noticed is located on the homepage. Featured products and featir...
Hi! You can also try SpurIT Post Purchase Upsell - this app encourages customers to buy even more with a special offer on the Thank you page. This way, you can offer related products immediately after purchase.
Hi! You can surely increase your sales with improving SEO, adding CTA elements, reducing the number of steps a customer takes to purchase. It would also be useful to conduct a marketing audit of your store. Here are some apps that you may find really...
Hi, You should make sure that all needed access is provided (Orders section: Edit Orders and Refund Orders; Draft Orders section). You can check it in your admin panel (Settings - Users and Permissions).Hope this helps.
Hello! I would recommend RecurrinGO! Subscriptions app. It works with all Shopify supported payment methods. iDEAL is a direct and secure bank transfer payment method for Shopify Payments. iDEAL works only when Shopify Payments is active, and it does...
Hi Bart, Artem from SpurIT is here Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. We investigated the matter and discovered that Shopify's platform has a limitation that prevents multiple currencies within the same session. Our app works well with...
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