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Beautiful! Really appreciate all your help
I see, no problem. I did notice that while no transition for the combo box is good on desktop, it looks a bit funky on mobile. Is there something I can add to the code to keep the transition active for mobile only?
Could you take a look at one more thing for me actually if you still have the time? When selecting the first variant dropdown menu it will highlight the current selected option by default. Is there anyway to remove that? Thank you, really appreciate ...
Worked great! How can I achieve the same thing for the product variant dropdown menus?   
Hello, hoping someone can help us to remove the fade animations from menus in our theme. For example, if you click a product variant dropdown it will slowly fade in and out, same with the header menus at the top of the page.  Here is the site for ref...
Worked perfect! Thanks again for a quick solution, Ribe
Hello, we are looking for a code to remove the arrows from our header message (if possible) in Focal theme. Some customers mistakenly click these on mobile thinking they work as a back button. Photo is attached as an example, our site is https://pond...
Worked good, thank you.Do you happen to know how to fix that issue with the reviews as well?
Hello, we are looking for a solution to make the header sticky on mobile only. Focal theme doesn't allow you to disable sticky-header for desktop. Thanks!
They updated the UI, it's absolutely terrible lol
Hello, we are looking for a code we can add so all filters on the collection pages are open at all times. Currently our theme only allows us to keep the first filter open. I've attached a photo to show how it should look, thank you! Here is a link to...
Hello, i'm looking for a solution that will stop the shopify inbox icon from over-lapping the cart drawer (on both desktop and mobile) as well as the product variant selector (on mobile) Here is my site:
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