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Bio: I'm Van from Vietnam. As a Frontend Developer and Shopify Developer, I have a passion for creating exceptional user experiences that are both aestheti...

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Hi, You can try Search & Filter app by Shopify. It has dropdown Filter options by default.
Hi Kport, You can achieve this by adding a custom schema setting to the collapsible section > block settings. There are 2 types allowing you to connect to file_reference metafields: image_picker & video.
Hey, Because the URL is missing blog name(s). For example, the default Shopify blog is called "News" > the URL should be: You can go to Blog posts > Manage blogs > Click on the Blog name > Hit View page to check its URL. 
Hi, You can add the code below to the bottom of global CSS file:.header-wrapper { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; background: transparent; }This is how it looks:  
Hi Robin, This can only be solved if you're on Shopify Plus, otherwise it requires an app. Shopify Functions, checkout extensions require Shopify Plus if not packaged as part of an app.
Hi, The margin between sections on large screen of your store is currently 75px. You can add this code to the bottom of the global CSS file  ('theme.css') You can replace 60px by your desired gap. And this is for homepage only (with CSS class 'body.t...
Hi Mogbird, You can use Shopify Flow App to create an automatic flow to mark order as paid. The trigger depends on your store's data and condition. The idea is similar to this:  
Hi there, Each product can have only one product type. You can add multiple tags instead and show them as options on the storefront.
Hi there, If you're a bit familiar with theme coding, then find where you want to display the Custom code (it's the snippets/card-product.liquid in Dawn theme). Then add the code below: {% if card_product.variants.size > 1 and card_product.options_by...
Hi Dakota, Basically this setting can be changed in the Theme editor (Online store > Theme > Customize). But it may vary in different themes. For example, if you're using Dawn: in the Theme Editor > Collections Template > Product grid > Change the "N...
Hi there, Add the below code to the bottom of global CSS file (Ex: base.css): @media only screen and (max-width: 750px) { .collection . slider-mobile-gutter .product-card-wrapper .card--standard .card- information { display: grid; grid-...
Hi Nickko, To link the image & title to the product URL, you can simply wrap the element with <a></a> tag. <a role="link" href="{{ product.url }}"> {{...}} </a> 
Hi Havana, You can follow this logic:- Create Product Metafields with Name: "Custom Checkout" ; Type "True or False"- Go to Products > non-direct sales item > Select Metafields "custom checkout" > True- Edit Code: check if  the metafield condition "C...
Hi Owltreekids, From Admin > Go to Products > Collections > Choose the Collection you want to edit (Ex: New Arrivals) > Scroll down to 'Products' > Select 'Sort: Newest' 
Hi Rand, You can consider the App "Locksmith" by Lightward. It lets you control access to products and pages in your Online Store channel flexibly.
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