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Hi,  Having issues with having far too many useless urls. After every product page there are these two urls pr_prod_strat=copurchase_transfer_learning&pr_rec_id=3c7362bf5&pr_rec_pid=8017063772467&pr_ref_pid=8017018028339&pr_seq=uniform  ?_pos=3&_fid=...
Guessed at first then went through everything.. hmm thinking it just doesn't like drop shipping? 
Still Having issues..  Followed the lists and videos and can't get anywhere. Contacted google multiple times and with not much help, all responses have been to general merchant issues without telling me exactly why I've got a misrepresentation issue....
Snippets section then collection-template.liquid is the right section for this code? Also the code below is correct for shopify to only select that collection for this schema? keep getting errors. Also going to note cant see any schema in the current...
Hi, Struggling to add a rich snippet json file to the collection pages. Have the json file but can't work out where it goes? Tried adding it as a custom html in a custom collection template didn't work.. Tried adding it in the template section of the...
Been suspended on google merchant for misrepresentation but having looked through the rules I cant see where I'm going wrong.. It happened when changing the url domain is that normal? Also had a issue with one item because of the words "dragon blood"...
Desktop speed is pretty decent but struggling with mobile speed   Currently don't have any video's on my site but have some kind of js or widget on youtube, cant for the life of me find this in the code or in the customise theme section. Any help wi...
Hi everyone, Having trouble with canonical urls, it looks like most of my product pages have over 5 canonical links which doesn't seem right?  Most of the canonical urls have something like this at the end. ?_pos=1&_fid=2415e8235&_ss=c A site audit o...
Hi Everyone Hasn't been going well been lucky if 5 people visit my website daily.. google search console is saying my average search position is around 40 roughly and impressions are very low too.  If someone could help out and let me know where I'm ...
Hi everyone, Changed the product type section of my product page to a h2 tag. Problem is its changed the text size. Is there a way to change the h2 size on product only pages?  Here is the code section,  changed the class style to lowercase which did...
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