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Hi, How do I make the text "Size Guide", which is next to "Size", not bold? I use the theme Spark and my website is  
Hi, What should I do to make the sections in my table wider? The first picture shows how it looks now. The third picture shows how I want it. The table is a size guide that I put in "Information popup content" in the "variant sectors" section. The se...
Can someone plese help me to edit the search engine listing on my home page? I want to change were it says "ARCANE ATTIRE - Arcane Attire"  
Hi, Does anyone know why not all products have a picture when I add them to the cart? As you can see in the picture, one product has a picture but not the other. How do I solve this? Is it also possible to crop the images or move them so that you can... Here you go!
   Hi, I have this “mosaic grid” on my website that is a kind of photo collage. On my IPhone, all the pictures are lined up after each other and not like a collage. Can someone please help me to make the photos in to a collage on a phone? The theme i...
 Hello,How do I change this product carousel so that I can see three products at the same time on a phone? I can only see one at a time now. My theme is called spark
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