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Bio: I am A Shopify Developer completed more then 50+ projects.

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Hi Ceebee1,Please write  the css for the color of the icons inside the below condition{% if != "index" %} .icon{color:white} {% endif %}.icon =  selector of the iconWrite it for the all icons you want to show.
Hi Dremtechzone_5,In the above requirement, I am trying to help you.In the above requirement if you use the upload an image option and choose a file option then you have to save the image in the database and you have to show it with the order dynamic...
Hi,Can you give me the screenshot where the gift product is showing and the website this link is not opening my side.
Hi Loulouis,Please give me the store URL and disable the password.also, check in the app you have used for language translation.
Hi SophieVB,first, give me the URL of your store and please disable the password.Please check in admin section if any gift card is active.
Hi LindStuart,You can achieve that without an app. Follow below steps1)create a collection and add product to created collection.2)Create a discount "amount off" ad set it to auto discount.3)select discount value to percentage  and add 20%.4)now appl...
Hi Rehabhussien, Please add the product to a collection to see it on the collection check on the front, use  "" 
Hi Tranquilo,Do you want to like that?
Hi Jen,Paste this Css in your Css file i have added here  !important in css.div#shopify-section-1630841168b22e4838 .page-width {padding: 0 !important;margin: 0 auto !important;min-width: 100% !important;}Thanks Sandeep
Hi Paste this code in your Css file.h1.product-single__title {font-family: '' !important;}Thanks Sandeep
Hi,Please share your store URL 
Hi ,Please share Your store url.
Hi AmayaPaste this Css in your Css file div#shopify-section-1630841168b22e4838 .page-width {padding: 0;margin: 0 auto;min-width: 100%;}Thanks Sandeep
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