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It is June 2, one day short of 2 months and finally this has been resolved. Shopify payments linked to my bank. Given this very frustrating experience I am nervous going forward.
52 days no resolution! Really Skye? So now Support is telling me I need to go to Twitter to do more begging for help. Not going to happen. I can tell you what I will do. As soon as is possible I will change to another platform, and I will make sure t...
Skye - 51 DAYS NO RESOLUTION!! Does it bother Shopify in the slightest that this issue is still not resolved. It began on April 3, 2023, it is now May 24, 2023, I realize I'm talking to the wall here because Shopify has proven thru it's silence and i...
I agree. I waited 2 weeks for a response which was useles. It has been 39 days and still no resulotion to Shopify Payments not linking with my bank. Every response thru CHAT is worthless, gives no useful information and just wastes your time. I am co...
37 days and no resolution. Clearly Shopify is just waiting for me to go away. They'll soon get their wish.
I would have to agree. April 4th, 2023 I submitted a support ticket because I could not link my bank to Shopify Payments. It is now May 9, 2023. After being ignored for a couple of weeks they began responding with useless answers, no specifics, and n...
33 days now and no resolution. Very little communication, all repetetive and superficial. To say I'm having second thoughts is an understatement. Sorry I can't be more uplifting but this so discouraging and unacceptable. 
It is May 7th now, 33 days and counting. Still no resolution and no forward progress. They are in "discussions" currently. On May 2nd I asked the nature of those "discussions". No one has responded with an answer to my question nor with a resolution....
It is now May 1st and I still have NO resolution and no one has gotten back to me since I was asked again to reverify my routing and account number and send proof that I attempted the link with my bank. If feels very much like I'm just being stalled....
Yesterday they replied asking again for account and routing info and they had me send them proof of attempt to link my bank. All of this is repetition and covers no new ground. I cannot accept that they could not give me a yes or no answer, or just m...
I mistakenly said it had been 23 days, it has been 21 days.
It is April 24th, it has been 23 days, my Support ticket number is, and I still have not had any direct communication with Support about why I'm not being approved for Shopify Payments.   I have verified with my bank that my account accepts ACH trans...
 I am not trying to change my bank account information. This is a new store and Shopify Payments is rejecting the routing/account number when trying to link. If it is because my bank does not meet requirements then why does it take customer support 1...
My Shopify store is set up on Facebook but I can only use PayPal outside Shopify Payments because they say my routing number is a problem so I will have to pay 3rd party transaction fees. Verified number with them multiple times. 13 days and counting...
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