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I am using below Graphql $query = <<<'GRAPHQL'    query ($cursor: String) {  products(first: 50, after: $cursor, query: "status:active published_status:published inventory_total:>0") {    pageInfo {      hasNextPage      endCursor    }    edges {    ...
Hello Team,Could you help me to clarify one question?On my side, Apple Pay and Shop Pay both are enabled.But some users see Shop Pay and some see Apple Pay.Why is this happening?
Hello @Rio Thank you for your response.Could you help me to clarify one more question?On my side, Apple Pay and Shop Pay both are enabled.But some users see Shop Pay and some see apple pay.Why is this happening?
Hello everyone, Could you help me to clear my doubt about theme 2.0? In my store, we use the debut theme.Can I need to change the theme? 
Hello Does anyone know about HDFC payment gateway support in shopify?I am from India I want to connect HDFC payment gateway in shopify. Does anyone now about this?
No, I mean write a test that you want to design like you want to design "Thank you for visiting store" this text in liquid write this test in liquid like below<p class="add_style">Thank you for visiting store</p>and below apply CSS<style>.add_style{c...
Hello @rishika-mukati In your theme, there is some file login.liquidGo with this theme and Write code{% if customer %}<script>window.location.href = '/';</script>{% else%}<script>window.location.href = '/account/login';</script>{% endif %}
Hello @Marie-Aimee Also my some store showing the black white designs and some are normal , this is shopify new design for admin do not worry.I have checked the store I create that has black white design and my client's store is showing normal.I am n...
Hello @mpatsi You can write this test in any elements of HTML like <p></p> and <h6></h6>and in this elements use the class same as HTML and apply CSS using the class name You can put CSS inline as well. 
Yes @Punk88 You can design your theme and add products.
Hello @NAJerseys Could you share your store URL, this is easy to check. 
Hey @KD520 For this, you need to include social media link code in your header.You just ask about this to theme support they can easily help to add code.
Hello @Gage0116 Which theme you used?
Hello @Punk88 Yes you can live your store with the starter plan but on this plan, you can use only one theme, for live just purchase the domain and connect the domain then your website is live.
Hey @Parth_1999 Could you try  Sense WhatsApp appLink:
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